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    By Sam Smith

  • Pet Crisis Hits Citizens!

    EverQuest recently saw the long awaited fix to allow pets to zone freely, but this has had unforseen consequences.

    The changes to let pets zone were met with a great reception when they were announced, but was it such a good thing? Citizens have been up in arms about the influx of four legged beasts to their once-peaceful towns.

    The problem is that previously pet classes generally had little cause to create a pet inside the residential areas of Norrath. Now, whenever a passing mage, beastlord or necromancer runs through a city, they generally bring a pet with them.

    The worst for residents are the beastlord pets. Beastlords are rarely seen without them since the changes, and they are all some form of animal; dogs, tigers, bears or lizards. The Freeport City Council has been discussing plans to deal with the packs of beaslord dogs that have taken to roaming around inside the city, making a nuisance of themselves. The city's cat population have taken to remaining firmly indoors, and worst of all is the fact that beastlord pets, like their owners, are rarely toilet trained.

    The somewhat more intelligent necromancer pets are also a problem, seeking to emulate their masters as much as possible, they have been seen in vast numbers gambling, smoking, looting, pillaging and whoring.

    We hope to bring you an update on this crisis as soon as possible.

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