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    Planes of Parody

    By Sam Smith

  • PoParody: The Realm of Disease
    PoParody: The Realm of DiseaseThe smell was actually quite appetising, Arkanth thought, as they drew nearer to the deadly drivethrough. He let himself inhale properly.

    Yes-- you could be forgiven for mistaking this for food, but then again, that was how they lured you in. As he thought this, he felt a sharp pain in his side. His nose might have been fooled, but his kidneys were screaming warnings with all the influence they possessed. In these situations, kidneys know best. MORE >

    EQ2 Lore Parody: Awakenings
    EQ2 Lore Parody: AwakeningsThe self appointed Ogre historian spilled the scrolls onto the stone slab that would serve as a table. No more than 6 scrolls spilled out of the sack.

    MORE >

    0 to a 20k in 6 seconds.
    0 to a 20k in 6 seconds.It had to happen. At first bazaar traders had a monopoly over the entire industry, charged what they like, and all consumers had to worry about is how fast they wanted their mount to go, versus the price.

    Now the market has expanded, with several new horse breeders launching new lines, and lets not forget the lizard mounts provided in LoY, which account for 32% of new mount sales and a hefty 53% of all Iksar brides. MORE >

    The Curse of "The Big Red Button"!
    The Curse of "The Big Red Button"!There comes a time when the thrill of nerfing things isn't quite what it once was.

    Thus the nerfs get steadily bigger ("Let's revamp the Plane of Mischief!"), until they become rather sadistic. ("Let's make Ratmen a player race!")

    This continues until you take the logical step of blowing up the world. MORE >

    New PvP System
    New PvP SystemEQLive has announced a new PvP system for the player versus player servers.

    The announcement begins by telling us that "Rytan and Hobart have put together quite a few changes for the PVP servers and have changed many of the basic PVP systems."

    The highlighting of the names immediately draws attention to the fact that these two are big names in PvP fighting, and one can only assume that the system will be demonstrated on live TV by 20 minutes of trash talking followed by Rytan and Hobart grappling it out inside a steel cage. MORE >

    Introducing the Planes of Parody
    Introducing the Planes of ParodyThe Planes of Parody isn't an article. It's an entire humorous story, set as a parody of the storyline of the Planes of Power expansion.

    Having said that, I personally believe it's funnier than any of my articles to date. It does take a little more reading, but I hope it is worth the effort! click here to read why I chose this setting and a bit more about it, or simply read the full article. MORE >

    Site news: We have forumage!
    Site news: We have forumage!Sorry folks, this isn't a new article.

    Being the vastly popular culturally enriching, humor site that this is *cough*, it's only natural for us to have some forums.

    They will be a little empty at first, but register an account and get posting! (There is no need to provide an email address, simply choose a username and you're good to go.)

    Discuss the articles here, EverQuest, humor, plans for world domination -- anything you want. Visit the forums now!

    The definitive EverQuest 2 Preview!
    The definitive EverQuest 2 Preview!Most traditional previewers are very set in their ways, choosing to have something to asses before making their judgments.

    They also have some strange traditions, such as posting to review sites rather than going on about it, completely off topic, on some unrelated humor site that nobdody reads. Elitists!

    However, being a (very bored) 'forward thinking' individual, I'm going to make MY preview solely from the poster up on EverQuest2.Com. MORE >

    Pet Crisis Hits Citizens!
    Pet Crisis Hits Citizens!EverQuest recently saw the long awaited fix to allow pets to zone freely, but this has had unforseen consequences for the citizens of Norrath.

    The changes to let pets zone were met with a great reception when they were announced, but was it such a good thing? Citizens have been up in arms about the influx of four legged beasts to their once-peaceful towns. MORE >

    Now even MORE ultimate!
    Now even MORE ultimate!Do you go goggle-eyed when confronted with nice sounding words like 'ultimate'? Well I have got great news for you!

    For a long time, EverQuest have been bundling expansions you have already got together in exciting, new, ultimate expansion packs.

    But now, there is news of an expansion pack more ultimate than any other! EverQuest Platinum! This contains every expansion to date, except, of course, Omens of War. Like most expansion packages, the product description is; "The ULTIMATE EverQuest expansion pack". Bear in mind that once Omens of War has been around a bit, a new, more ultimater expansion pack will inevitably hit the shelves. MORE >