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    By Sam Smith

  • New PvP System

    EQLive has announced a new PvP system for the player versus player servers.

    The announcement begins by telling us that "Rytan and Hobart have put together quite a few changes for the PVP servers and have changed many of the basic PVP systems."

    The highlighting of the names immediately draws attention to the fact that these two are big names in PvP fighting, and one can only assume that the system will be demonstrated on live TV by 20 minutes of trash talking followed by Rytan and Hobart grappling it out inside a steel cage.

    Satire aside for a second, these changes are very good, and pretty substantial. Here are a few highlights:

  • "Being stunned while on a horse will now cause the horse to disappear. This only applies to stuns caused by other players."
    - This is a very logical change, possibly putting an end to the constant problem of drive by bandits. This is actually an entirely new move, where the attacker stuns the horse-rider, causing him to look away for a second or two, while the attacker quickly eats his horse.

  • "Ranged weapons are no longer restricted by the Z axis, allowing greater freedom of use on varied terrain."
    - There was much rejoicing at this news, with many ranged weapons singing and dancing in the streets at the prospect of being freed from the oppressive regime of the evil Z axis.

  • "Water will no longer cause you to be immune to people outside of water and vice versa."
    - Previously, when players were swimming, underwater, had been standing in the rain or were otherwise considered to be 'wet', they would be counted as invulnerable.

  • "Berserker snare is no longer unresistable."
    - We tried to get a reaction to this, but unfortunately the Beserker living on the PvP servers was unavailable for comment. However, we are sure that he would have given a moving speech, cunningly disguised as an incoherent sentence or an angry battlecry, before proceeding to cleave us in two.

    Amongst the long list of changes is the addition of a PvP points system to decide once and for all who is more uber. You can spend these PvP points on various items. Like I said before, the changes are actually pretty good, but some are very substantial, such as the removal of the ability to loot other players, which got only a brief mention in the EQLive announcement.

    If you have never tried a PvP server, now might be the time. The PvP servers present a challenging and skillful environment more than ever since the patch, as opposed to the normal servers, which can be rather bland, and where hardly anyone has to eat a horse.

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